CCAC webinars are a helpful training tool, allowing animal care committee members, scientists, animal welfare professionals, and other CCAC stakeholders across the country to access expert insights on a number of topics relating to animal ethics and care in Canada. Current CCAC webinars include:

CCAC Panel Discussion on Openness in Science
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The world has seen a growing call to action by the public and scientific community over the past several years to speak more openly about animal-based programs and increase transparency within institutions and practices. Many countries around the world have begun to embrace openness and transparency and create proactive communication strategies around animal-based science.

In November 2022, the CCAC hosted a virtual panel discussion on openness and transparency in Canadian animal-based science. Panelists and participants discussed the many benefits and challenges to transparency, how various Canadian institutions have been tackling this issue, and how to become more transparent at the institutional level.

AUDF Instructions

This webinar illustrates the steps found in the Instructions for Completion of the CCAC Animal Use Data Form (AUDF). Each element of the form is explained and additional information concerning the process for validating and reporting the data is provided.

Safeguards and Service – Striking the Right Balance

This webinar discusses striking the right balance between safeguards and services in animal ethics and care programs. Institutions, and their very busy animal care committees, staff, researchers, and veterinarians, all have to juggle proper safeguards for animals with maintaining good services for those conducting animal-based research and teaching, avoiding irritants, and minimizing burden for all involved. This webinar is meant to provide ideas on how each member of a team can contribute to a good balance of safeguards and services, starting with the CCAC, and moving on to examine what animal care committees, veterinarians, animal care staff, and others can do.

ACC Site Visits of Animal Facilities

This webinar addresses the importance of animal care committees conducting regular site visits, the elements that should be observed and documented during a visit, and the value of following up on a site visit.

Renewed Focus: Implementing the Three Rs

This webinar addresses the objectives and main focuses of the Three Rs tenet, highlights the tools available to implement the Three Rs and discusses how the application of the Three Rs by institutions is assessed by the CCAC.