Farm Animals Stream

A rooster sticking his head out of his cage

These training modules are relevant to investigators, post-doctoral fellows, research staff, and graduate students who work with farm animals (beef, dairy, sheep and goats, swine, poultry, horses, and farmed wildlife).

These modules, based on the CCAC guidelines on: the care and use of farm animals in research, teaching and testing (2009), are intended as a resource that:

  • institutions and animal care committees may use to ensure their farm animal personnel meet the theoretical training requirements of their institutional animal personnel training program; and
  • teachers may use to introduce the topic of ethics and care of farm animals in their courses.

The farm animals stream includes:

CCAC training module on: Ethical use and care of farm animals in science

This training module, relevant to all those who work with farm animals, includes the following elements:

CCAC training module on: genetically engineered farm animals
CCAC training module on: farm animals used in biomedical research