Types of Animals

The guidelines listed below provide guidance for various types of animals, according to group (e.g., wildlife), family, or genus. These guidelines build on other CCAC guidelines (program management, animal care, and procedures) to provide further details for particular types of animals.

For animals where specific guidance is not provided below, please consult the General Guidelines and additional information in the animal index of the Three Rs microsite.

Anyone working with animals should also consult the relevant literature and persons with expertise in the particular species, strain, breed, or animal model of interest.

Throughout the CCAC guidelines, the term 'should' is used to indicate an obligation, for which any exceptions must be justified to, and approved by, an animal care committee. The term 'must' is used for mandatory requirements.

Policies pertaining to the Assessment and Certification program can be found in the Certification section.

Avian species (types of birds not covered in farm animal guidelines)


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