CCAC Participation at CALAS Symposia

The CCAC actively participates in the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS) Symposia by offering education and training opportunities to the participants through scientific sessions on specific topics. These include the ACC 101 orientation workshops for animal care committee (ACC) members, and ACC 201 workshops targeting ACC members reviewing more complex scientific protocols, as well as our CCAC-sponsored scientific sessions.

Past CCAC Participation at CALAS Symposia

Québec City, QC (May 5-8, 2018)

  • ACC 101: The Animal Care Committee (ACC): Keystone of the Institutional Program
  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Celebrating CCAC's 50th Anniversary: Working Together to Refine Animal Based–Research

Calgary, AB (June 8-11, 2017)

  • ACC 201: Challenges for Animal Care Committee (ACC): ACC Meetings and Post-Approval Monitoring
  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Three Rs is Excellent Science!

Toronto, ON (June 11-14, 2016)

  • ACC 101: Keystone of the Institutional Program
  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Biosecurity and Biosafety in the Laboratory Animal Facility

Montréal, QC (May 30-June 2, 2015)

  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Genetically modified animals – Ethical issues including welfare concerns

Ottawa, ON (June 14-17, 2014)

  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Capitalizing on the Three Rs

Vancouver, BC (June 2-5, 2012)

  • ACC 201: New Terms of Reference for Animal Care Committees: Have Your Say!
  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Engaging the Public in Animal-based Research

Toronto, ON (May 14-17, 2011)

  • ACC 101: A Workshop for Animal Care Committee Members
  • CCAC-Sponsored Scientific Session: Technicians