Animal Data

A male and female scientist examining a cow.

As part of our accountability to the Canadian public and commitment to transparency, the CCAC publishes annual animal data from CCAC-certified institutions. These annual animal data reports are readily accessible to all Canadians.

The annual collection, synthesis, and analysis of animal data from CCAC-certified institutions serve two critical roles in that the data provides greater insight into animal-based science, and helps the CCAC track national trends and allocate resources to areas where there is the potential for pain and distress.

To help make this process as efficient as possible, the CCAC provides helpful resources, including reporting instructions and forms. We acknowledge all those responsible for compiling and submitting their institutional data every year.

Review of the CCAC's Annual Animal Data Process

The CCAC has formed a special working group dedicated to reviewing the process for submitting and analyzing annual animal data. This group is revising the current process and developing a streamlined process for compiling animal data from CCAC-certified institutions.