Policies and Prerequisites

The CCAC has policies that establish the ground rules for governing the Assessment and Certification program, which include:

There are also CCAC policies that establish the basic requirements for each institutional program within the Canadian system of oversight of animal ethics and care:

Institutions wishing to obtain a first certificate require the following elements before their first regular CCAC assessment visit:

  • compliance with CCAC policy on: terms of reference for animal care committees particularly in the following areas:
    • the creation of an animal care committee;
    • an animal protocol form (or forms); and
    • complete protocols submitted by researchers and teachers for all planned animal-based work, with the animal care committee having reviewed and made decisions on any protocols planned for the near future;
  • a formal agreement or agreements for veterinary services; and
  • trained, qualified personnel in sufficient numbers to care for all groups of animals seven days a week.