CCAC training module on: euthanasia of experimental animals

Table of Contents

  1. Module Objectivesarrow
  2. Introductionarrow
  3. Terminologyarrow
  4. Training and Expertise of Personnelarrow
  5. Handling of the Animal Prior to Euthanasiaarrow
  6. Equipment Used to Perform Euthanasiaarrow
  7. Evaluating the Humane-ness of a Method for Killing an Animalarrow
  8. Irreversibility - Ensuring the Death of the Animalarrow
  9. Scientific Concerns Relating to Choice of Euthanasia Methodarrow
  10. Emotional and Psychological Impact on Humansarrow
  11. Modes of Action of Euthanasia Agentsarrow
  12. Classification of Euthanasia Agentsarrow
  13. Physical Methods of Euthanasiaarrow
  14. Carcass Disposalarrow
  15. Summary Statementarrow
  16. References on Euthanasiaarrow

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