Additional Information on Effects of Euthanasia Methods on Research Results

Information about various methods of killing animals and their potential effects on the scientific data being collected from the animal-based research is provided through the links below. Investigators are encouraged to conduct a critical review of the information in the cited references and other relevant resources to determine if their research results will be impacted by the method of euthanasia being proposed.

Each method has been categorized as acceptable or conditionally acceptable. As noted in the CCAC guidelines on: euthanasia of animals used in science (2010), methods listed as conditionally acceptable require additional justification because there is greater potential for operator error or safety hazards, they might not consistently produce humane death, or they are not well documented in the scientific literature.

We will be posting new information in this section as it becomes available, and we encourage those involved in euthanasia to submit any relevant information they encounter to the CCAC.