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CCAC Standards and Guidance

The CCAC publishes guidelines documents on the ethical use and care of animals in science. All CCAC guidelines are based on expert peer advice and current interpretation of scientific evidence, and have undergone extensive peer review. For details on how CCAC guidelines are developed, please see Development of Peer-Based Guidelines.

Replacement, Reduction and Refinement Alternatives to Animal Use in Science

The Three Rs tenet (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) guides the ethical use of animals in science.

  • Replacement refers to methods which avoid or replace the use of animals in an area where animals would otherwise have been used
  • Reduction refers to any strategy that will result in fewer animals being used
  • Refinement refers to the modification of husbandry or experimental procedures to minimize pain and distress

Visit our Three Rs Microsite which communicates best practices and new Three Rs information that is progressive and that may go beyond what is currently required by CCAC guidelines.

Training and Competency of Animal Users

All personnel involved with the ethical use of animals in science must be competent and adequately trained in the principles of ethical use and care of animals, and an appropriate training program is an essential component of any institutional animal care and use program. The CCAC therefore develops different educational and reference materials to support the training needs of all these audiences, including animal users working with:

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