Assessment and Certification of Institutions

The CCAC assesses and certifies animal care and use programs of organizations conducting animal-based work in research, teaching, testing or production (of animals or biologics) for scientific purposes.

A CCAC Certificate of GAP – Good Animal Practice® is earned by institutions which:

  • participate fully in the CCAC Program
  • have been assessed by assessment panels composed of scientists, veterinarians and community representatives
  • have been found by the panel and by the CCAC Assessment and Certification Committee to have standards of experimental animal care and use which satisfy the CCAC's guidelines and policy statements

Tools to Support Communication between Institutions and their Local Communities

The CCAC offers a variety of resources which can be used by institutions wishing to communicate with their local community on the topic of the ethical use and care of animals in Canadian science. These resources which can be downloaded for free include:

  • the CCAC brochure
  • a poster highlighting the mandate of the CCAC
  • a poster related to the CCAC Three Rs Microsite and the use of alternatives (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) in science

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