Animal Data for 2015

Access to annual data

The CCAC Animal Data Report 2015 provides insights into animal-based science in CCAC-certified institutions from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The CCAC also provides downloadable and sortable Excel files containing a further breakdown of the numbers of animals used in science, and both the type and invasiveness of the procedures undertaken, allowing anyone to search and filter the
data according to their particular area of interest.

2015 Animal Data Report
2015 Animal Data2015 Animal Data

The CCAC only collects animal data from CCAC-certified institutions. As such, some animals studied in Canadian science will not be accounted for in the CCAC’s annual animal data report. Further, these numbers reflect all animals that were involved in research, teaching, and testing conducted by people working at CCAC-certified institutions, regardless of where the research activities take place – in or outside of Canada, in laboratories, on farms, or in the wild.

There are many external factors that may influence the numbers of animals from year to year and caution should be used when comparing numbers of animals over time or when tracking progress towards the Three Rs. Factors that may affect animal numbers include: changes in government funding priorities, regulatory changes, development and implementation of new technologies, changes in scientific interests, numbers and types of institutions certified by the CCAC, etc.

Finally, the information gathered for this report relies on the process described in the Instructions for Completion of the CCAC Animal Use Data Form (AUDF). Although extensive validation of the data sets was carried out, it is difficult to determine accurately the extent of potential errors, which may have occurred at any stage in the process.

We thank all those institutions and individuals responsible for compiling and submitting their institutional data each year.

Quick Facts from the 2015 Animal Data Report