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Assessment Visits

When conducting a visit, the panel assesses the structure and resources of the animal care and use program, the composition, functioning and effectiveness of the animal care committee (ACC), and the appropriateness of animal care and use practices, procedures and facilities. Assessments are based on CCAC guidelines, policy statements and associated documents. Assessment visits are usually conducted by CCAC assessment panels. However, interim and special visits are often conducted by an assessment director or an associate director of assessment without a panel.

Types of Visits

The CCAC conducts different types of assessment visits:

  • Regular assessment visits (view agenda and Animal Care and Use Program Review Form (PRF)) are conducted by assessment panels for institutions that have already joined the CCAC programs. These visits are conducted every six years. Before an assessment visit, the institution must fill out the CCAC PRF, to review its own program thoroughly and to provide details on each aspect of its animal-based program to the CCAC assessment panel members selected for the visit.
  • Interim assessment visits (view agenda and PRF) are scheduled three years after the last full assessment and are followed by a full assessment visit three years later.
  • Special assessment visits to an institution may be undertaken between full assessments if conditions at an institution warrant it, or following a request by the institution. These visits are often conducted without a panel.