Crisis Management Program

The CCAC requires that all institutions which use experimental animals have in place a crisis management program for their animal facilities and for their animal care and use program (see the CCAC policy statement on: terms of reference for animal care committees ). This program should be developed in conjunction with any general institutional crisis management plan(s).

The term crisis is defined as being any unplanned event which triggers a real, perceived or possible threat to the life, health or safety of animals and/or personnel, or to the institution's credibility.

A. Specific Types of Crisis

Crisis related to animal care and use programs can involve any of the following:

  1. Fire, chemical spill or explosionarrow
  2. Natural disaster (earthquake, major storm, etc.), power failurearrow
  3. Break-in, vandalism, or unauthorized removal of animalsarrow
  4. Bomb threatarrow
  5. A sit-in or barricade action, a demonstration, a negative media event requiring an organized responsearrow

B. How to Handle a Crisis

  1. Difficulties in handling a crisis well are generally related to one or both of the following:arrow
  2. A crisis management program should include the following elements: arrow

C. General Sources of Information to Assist in Developing a Crisis Management Program