Assessment and Certification Committee

The Assessment and Certification Committee (AACC) is a CCAC standing committee of CCAC Board of Directors responsible for the assessment and certification of animal care and use programs of academic, government and private organizations using animals in science. The AACC oversees the proper functioning of the CCAC Assessment and Certification Program.

The AACC is comprised of a chairperson and at least seven other members that reflect, to the greatest extent possible, the diversity of the animal welfare and ethical use community and society, including community representatives, veterinarians, scientists, and Animal Care Committee members.  They are knowledgeable about the CCAC Assessment and Certification Program, through participation in the animal care and use program of their own institution and through participation as panel members on assessment visits.

The AACC is responsible for the following:

  1. Developing assessment and certification policies and make recommendations to the Board.
  2. Recommending improvements to the Assessment and Certification Program.
  3. Reviewing reports for all organizations that are part of the CCAC Assessment and Certification Program, including assessment and implementation reports, and updates provided by these organizations to CCAC.
  4. Make decisions on the assessment and certification of institutions on behalf of the CCAC Board of Directors including:
    • Providing certification;
    • Assigning probationary certification;
    • Removing CCAC certification;
    • Reinstating CCAC certification following a loss of certification or assignment of probationary certification.
  5. Recommend any proposed changes to the Committee’s terms of reference to the Governance and Nominations Committee for consideration.